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Terms of delivery

Knitty and Wooly currently only ships to several EU countries.


Knitty and Woolly works with Bpost and Mondial Relay for deliveries, in order to offer home delivery or delivery to a Point Relay.

Important if the Customer selects delivery in a Relay Point by Mondial Relay: after payment and validation of the order, he/she will receive an email from Mondial Relay (at the email address provided by the Customer) inviting him/her to fill in his/her details and choose his/her Relay Point. Only when the Customer has completed and validated this information will Knitty and Woolly be able to finalise dispatch of the parcel.


Delivery times are purely indicative and are not binding on Knitty and Woolly. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, a delay in delivery may under no circumstances give rise to the cancellation or dissolution of the purchase or to the granting of compensation. However, if delivery times exceed thirty days from the date of the order, the sales contract may be cancelled and the Customer reimbursed.


Knitty and Woolly is not responsible for any problems during shipping. All purchases are made at the buyer's risk, regardless of the method of transport or shipment. The seller is not responsible for any damage to the goods sold during transport or shipment.


See below for the different delivery methods and associated prices (in FR and ENG)

Livraison gratuite à partir de
Autriche, Espagne, Italie, Portugal
12 € À domicile (Mondial Relay - 5/6 jours ouvrés)
150 €
9,5 € À domicile (Mondial Relay - 6 jours ouvrés); 3,75 € Point Relais (Mondial Relay - 3 jours ouvrés)
150 €
9,5 € À domicile (Mondial Relay - 6 jours ouvrés)
150 €
6,5 € À domicile (Bpost); 5 € Bureau de post/point poste/distributeur (Bpost) 1-3 jours ouvrés
100 €
12 € À domicile (Bpost); 5,5 € Point Relais (Mondial Relay - 5 jours ouvrés)
150 €
7 € À domicile (Mondial Relay - 4 jours ouvrés)
125 €
Free shipping from
€6.5 At home (Bpost); €5 Post office/post point/distributor (Bpost) 1- 3 working days
€12 At home (Bpost); €5.5 Point Relay (Mondial Relay - 5 working days)
€9.5 At home (Mondial Relay - 6 working days); €3.75 Point Relay (Mondial Relay - 3 working days)
€9.5 At home (Mondial Relay - 6 working days)
€7 At home (Mondial Relay - 4 working days)
Austria, Sapin, Italy, Portugal
€12 At home (Mondial Relay - 5/6 working days)
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