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Azun wool yarns

Azun wool yarns are natural and their production is part of a commitment to greater transparency regarding the origin of raw materials and their processing.

What's more, they highlight local breeds of sheep in the Pyrenees, such as the tarasconnaise and the lourdaise, which are still in danger of extinction. To find out more, visit this page.

Azun yarns are authentic: they have a dry feel, roundness and fullness, but they don't sting! They reflect the local terroir, paying homage to the ewes that graze in the meadows and mountain pastures.

I hope these yarns will satisfy your projects, whether knitting, weaving or any other creative project involving wool!

écheveaux de laine Knitty and Woolly, laine des Pyrénées à tricoter, laine traçable, fil à tricoter
nouveau coloris rose quebracho obtenu par teinture végétale artisanale à l'atelier myrobolan, laine naturelle des pyrénées Knitty and Woolly

Discover the new colour "Rose quebracho" that completes the beautiful range of Azun yarns colours 

A soft, warm pink, dyed using traditional methods, to celebrate spring!

The wool Knitty and Woolly is...

Brebis lourdaises

From local sheep breeds: the lourdaise and the tarasconnaise

Following in the footsteps of her father, a sheep breeder, Knitty and Woolly selected the lourdaise, which is on the verge of extinction, and the tarasconnaise, two emblematic sheep breeds from the Pyrenees.

Brebis lourdaises en estive

Harvested and sorted
by hand in the


Knitty and Woolly harvests the wool in the Val d'Azun, where she grew up, then sorts it entirely by hand before it goes to the spinning mill.

laine française

in France

The wool, traceable from end to end, is washed and transformed in Ariège in an artisanal spinning mill according to ancestral methods, and hand-dyed using vegetable dyes in the Creuse.


Explore your creativity with knitting

Knitting is a means of expression and self-affirmation. Knitting gives you the freedom to create your own clothes and accessories according to your tastes and your personality. Here, they are the ones that adapt to you and your body, and not the other way around! In addition to its creative and playful side, knitting brings its share of health benefits: yes, knitting is good for morale and to try it is to adopt it! Because there are so many things to discover and techniques to explore, Knitty and Woolly wishes to accompagy you in this adventure by offering workshops to discover knitting,Lots of advice and ideas to guide you on the blog and knitting patterns.

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