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Knitting inspiration with Azun Sport yarns

Here are a few creative ideas and knitting inspirations using yarns from the Azun Sport range, whether with a single skein or several!

Characteristics of Azun Sport yarns

Azun is a yarn made from 100% Pyrenean wool, harvested and sorted by hand in the Val d'Azun and processed at the artisanal spinning mill in Niaux. It is a blend of wool from ewes from the lourdaises (57%) and the tarasconnaises (43%).

The yarn is available in its beautiful natural ecru colour, as well as in a range of colours obtained by vegetable dyeing and without alum mordant, thanks to the expertise of the Atelier Myrobolan in Felletin, Creuse. A yarn entirely made in France and traceable!

Azun Sport yarn is available in 290 m / 100 g skeins in a range of colours, or in natural coloured cones per kg. It can be knitted with 3 - 3.5 mm needles.

Sample after blocking (stockinette), 10x10 cm

23 stitches * 35 rows with 3 mm needles

20 stitches * 33 rows with 3.5 mm needles

Azun yarns are authentic: they have a dry feel, roundness and fullness, but they don't sting! They reflect the local terroir and pay tribute to the ewes that graze in the meadows and mountain pastures.


With 1 skein of sport yarn, I can knit a hat!

You only need one skein to knit a hat! For example, I've knitted the #weekendhat by PetiteKnit in Campêche blue. It's a beanie with a double fold at the edges, so it keeps your ears warm. It fits well and is comfortable to wear.

For the knitting accessories, you'll need stitch markers to mark the beginning of the round and the positions of the decreases, 60 cm circular needles for the main part and 80 cm for magic-loop knitting the small diameter of the tip of the hat.

Treat yourself to one of the wonderful plant colours in the range!


I knit a shawl with 2 skeins!

An example of a pattern that can be knitted with any amount of wool is PetiteKnit's #sophieshawl. Simply weigh out the amount of wool you have and use half of it for each part of the pattern.

I knitted the #sophieshawl myself with Azun Worsted yarn (the other yarn in the Azun range), which makes a big, fluffy scarf that's perfect for winter, but it's perfectly possible to knit it with Azun Sport yarn, for a finer finish.


With 4 skeins or more, I can knit a jumper!

It's springtime! It's time to move away from chunky winter jumpers and into lighter, mid-season styles that will keep us warm on chilly mornings. Here, for example, are two gorgeous patterns by Orlane Sucche (@tête_bêche on Instagram) that I knitted recently to experiment with textures using yarns from the Azun Sport range. Neve is knitted in acacia pink and Ilha in natural ecru. The roundness of the yarn makes the twists stand out beautifully. I used around 3.5 skeins for each model (size 2 for the Ilha and size 3 for the Neve).

A little tip just for you! As my sample didn't match exactly in number of rows (33 rows for 10 cm with Azun compared to 30 rows in the Neve model, using 3.5 mm needles), I added a few rows of stockinette after the raglan increases, before separating the sleeves from the body. This way you get the right length of yoke! A trick I also used for the Ilha model.

Other ideas for jumpers to knit (non-exhaustive list!):

I hope you find these yarns as enjoyable as I do!

Happy knitting, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need advice.

See you soon!

Fanny from Knitty and Woolly

le pull Neve d'Orlane Sucche tricoté avec le fil azun sport dans le coloris rose acacia, en pure laine naturelle des pyrénées de Knitty and Woolly


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