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Knitting inspiration with Azun Worsted yarns

Here are some creative ideas and knitting inspiration using yarns from the Azun Worsted range. And you'll see that, even though it's a slightly thick yarn, you can knit beautiful summer jackets in no time!

Characteristics of Azun Worsted yarns

Azun is a yarn made from 100% wool from the Pyrenees, harvested and sorted by hand in the Val d'Azun and processed at the traditional spinning mill in Niaux. It is a blend of wool from from lourdaises (57%) and tarasconnaises (43%) ewes.

The yarn is available in its beautiful natural ecru colour, as well as in a range of colours obtained by vegetable dyeing and without alum mordant, thanks to the expertise of the Atelier Myrobolan in Felletin, Creuse. A yarn entirely made in France and traceable!

Azun Worsted yarn is available in 193 m / 100 g skeins in a range of colours, or in cones per kg in natural colours. It can be knitted with 4 - 5 mm needles (a good yarn idea for beginners!).

Sample after blocking (stockinette), 10x10 cm

18 stitches * 28 rows with 4 mm needles

17 stitches * 25 rows with 5 mm needles

Azun yarns are authentic: they have a dry feel, roundness and fullness, but they don't sting! They reflect the local terroir and pay homage to the ewes that graze in the meadows and mountain pastures.


I knit a shawl with 2 skeins!

sophieshawl by PetiteKnit knitted with two skeins of azun worsted, natural wool from the Pyrenees by knitty and woolly

An example of a pattern that can be knitted with any amount of wool is PetiteKnit's #sophieshawl. Simply weigh out the amount of wool you have and use half of it for each part of the pattern.

I knitted the #sophieshawl with 2 skeins in 2 different colours for a two-tone effect, which makes a big fluffy scarf perfect for winter.


With 3 skeins or more, I can knit a jacket!

Here are two beautiful designs from Rosa Pomar, the Burgos jacket with buttons, and the Capital V jacket with plunging collar. I really like the idea of these two sleeveless jackets, which can be worn in the summer over a short- or long-sleeved tee, a shirt, a dress, etc.

I love the plunging collar on the Capital V with the double-knit detail at the bottom, and the button detail on the Burgos is also very pretty. The loose fit of these jackets makes them really comfortable.

I knitted these two jackets with Azun Worsted yarn in rhubarb yellow for the Burgos and oak beige for the Capital V, a natural shade that's easy to match!

As well as being a quick and easy project to knit, I used less than 2.5 skeins for each model, in sizes 2 (Burgos) and 3 (Capital V). And good news, you can even knit a headband with less than 50g of yarn leftovers!


Other ideas for jumpers to knit (non-exhaustive list!)

As well as some jacquard designs by Tania Barley:

I hope you'll find these yarns as enjoyable as I do!

Happy knitting, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need advice.

See you soon!

Fanny from Knitty and Woolly

Capital V jacket by Rosa Pomar, knitted with azun worsted yarn, natural wool from the Pyrenees by Knitty and Woolly


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