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The (many!) properties of wool

Wool is a truly amazing material that has many useful and practical properties. Here is a preview!

Renouvelable et durable

Renewable and sustainable

The sheep are shorn once a year, it is obligatory and necessary for their health. Wool always grows back!

Non odorante

Not odorous

The natural properties of wool combine very well to limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad body odours.



Capable of storing up to 80% air in its own volume, it is hot and cool at the same time! Its tortoiseshell structure also increases the wool surface in contact with the air while slowing down its circulation, whatever its temperature.



Wool, composed mainly of keratin, degrades naturally through the action of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

Non allergisante


Wool is mostly made up of keratin. It is therefore unlikely to be allergic to it (it would be like being allergic to our hair).

Résistante au feu

Fire resistant

Naturally flame retardant, it offers a higher degree of fire protection than other materials. When it burns (this requires subjecting it to a very strong heat source), it does not melt, flow or stick! This property is due to its high nitrogen and water content, which must be compensated by a greater supply of oxygen to initiate combustion.



Wool has the ability to absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture which is then released as water vapor into the air. So we stay dry!



It has the ability to chemically fix certain indoor air pollutants permanently, in particular certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde.


UV protection

Wool offers excellent natural protection against the sun's UV rays. Indeed, it absorbs radiation from the entire UV spectrum more effectively than other materials.

Facile d'entretien

Easy to maintain

The wool is dirt-repellent, crease-resistant and non-odorous. No need to wash your wool sweater often, 2 to 3 times a year is enough! A few maintenance tips here.

Knitty and Woolly
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