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Originally from Val d'Azun in the Hautes-Pyrénées, daughter of a sheep breeder and a mother who paints, I have been passionate about crafts since my childhood (pottery, pyrography, painting, etc.).

Very quickly, my heart fell on the arts of yarn and wool, this extraordinary natural and renewable resource. ​My grandmother taught me knitting, a technique that I continue to explore as I grow up!

Agneaux et agnelles lourdais
Brebis lourdaises dans les prés

My years of study and the obtaining of my doctorate in physico-chemistry in France destined me for a scientific career and I continued my research activities in Belgium in Antwerp, where I have since put down my luggage with my family. I knit every day, which brings me a lot of happiness. A few years ago I started creating designs, some of which I adapted as a pattern. This freedom in creation is a real satisfaction. And that's not all: I also transform wool in an artisanal way in my workshop.

It is in particular the daily practice of knitting that pushed me to wonder about the modes of transformation of the raw material, wool. Under what conditions is it produced and where is it processed? What happens to the wool of our local breeds of sheep? Much less famous than their merino cousins, the breeds of sheep bred in our beautiful Pyrenees also deserve to be known! ​


Far from my native lands, I was quickly overtaken by my passion for the arts of yarn and my peasant roots. The need to create being stronger, I decided that the creation of my company should not remain an idea in mind but become reality! So I hung up my lab coat to devote myself fully to the creation of my business.

fil à tricoter, laine des pyrénées à tricoter, knitty and woolly, laine française, laine naturelle, teinture végétale artisanale

My name is Fanny and after a long reflection and preparation, I founded my company Knitty and Woolly in 2023 to promote wool from the Hautes-Pyrénées, share my passion for wool and knitting through workshops and pursue in my own way the project initiated by my father.

Indeed, it is very important to me to promote the wool of the lourdaise sheep and to participate in the development of this breed of massif still greatly threatened. The wool of the Tarasconnaise sheep, another local breed, has different qualities and properties and I therefore found the idea of ​​combining them for a unique mixture relevant.

Knitty and Woolly

Knitty and Woolly offers you...

Azun wool yarns

Yarn for your creations

Azun yarns are made from 100% wool from the Hautes-Pyrénées, traceable and without chemical treatment (no carbonising, bleaching or superwash treatment). The yarns are made in Niaux in Ariège, in a spinning mill with a fascinating history. To add a touch of colour, I called on the Myrobolan workshop in Creuse to carry out a traditional vegetable dyeing process.

Handcrafted wool creations

At Knitty and Woolly, wool is also processed by hand, for unique creations in small quantities. Discover my first collection of hand-woven bracelets called Pyrenees  in a range of natural colours.

bracelets tissés de la collection pyrénées en laine naturelle, fabrication artisanale par knitty and woolly
atelier découvrez les secrets de la laine en partenariat avec wecandoo


I offer workshops to share, transmit and introduce you to the many qualities of wool and its uses. Wool transformation process and introduction to knitting will be on the program. The workshops are organized in Antwerp (Belgium).

knitting patterns

I also take great pleasure in imagining and creating knitting patterns. Some have been translated into patterns available on Ravelry. Whether it's collaborating with other designers for the realization of designs, or for the use of Knitty and Woolly  yarns in a model, you can send me an email via the contact form.

Patrons de tricot knitty and woolly

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