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Explore the secrets of wool processing and knit your headband


Useful information ​


Duration: 4 hours

Material: Provided

Prerequisites: none

Workshop language: fr, en, (nl)

Place, dates and subscription: Wecandoo


On the program

Origins of the wool

Find out more about the origin of wool from the Hautes-Pyrénées, its exceptional properties and my work to promote the wool from the lourdaises and tarasconnaises ewes.

Your first project

Choose your 50g ball of Azun Worsted yarn from Knitty and Woolly in your favourite color to knit your headband! You'll leave with all the knitting materials you need to finish at home.

Transformation process

From raw material to yarn, learn about the different stages in the transformation of wool: preparation, carding and spinning on a spinning wheel!

It was a very comprehensive workshop and Fanny generously shared her passion for crafts. Wool is a vast and interesting subject, and I learnt a lot and put it into practice. The workshop can be continued at home thanks to the materials and advice provided by Fanny. Great experience, I wish you all the best with your wool work and thank you for sharing!
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