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Unique hand-woven bracelets 

bracelet tissé en laine naturelle des pyrénées, collection soleil, par knitty and woolly

The new collection of woven bracelets is there! You're about to discover the Sun collection, inspired by Edvard Munch's painting "The Sun".

Each piece is unique, hand-woven in my workshop using wool from the Pyrenees.

Introducing my first collection, "Pyrenees", wool bracelets from the Val d'Azun woven and assembled by hand in my workshop.


  • The wool is washed in Niaux, carded by hand and spun on a spinning wheel in my workshop 

  • The bracelets are woven by hand

  • The colours are natural, obtained from a mixture of rare black fleeces and natural ecru fleeces from lourdaises and tarasconnaises sheep

  • The primers are all made in Europe

  • Each piece in the collection is unique

Bracelets that can be worn all year round, in natural colours that are easy to match with your wardrobe! 


Do you need a size other than those suggested? Don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form!

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