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Pyrenees wool knitting yarn
57% Lourdaise / 43% Tarasconnaise
Sport weight yarn, 3 - 3.5 mm needles

100% natural wool, 290 m / 100 g

2 threads - skein

Sample after blocking (stockinette stitch)
23 stitches * 35 rows with needles 3 mm
20 stitches * 33 rows with needles 3,5 mm

Origin and transformation
French and traceable production:
- Harvested and sorted in Val d'azun in the Hautes-Pyrénées
- Washed, carded and spun at the Niaux spinning mill in Ariège
- Dyed at Myrobalan in Felletin in the Creuse


The colours are obtained from plant extracts, without alum mordant. The range comprises four colours:


- Oak Beige, a natural beige obtained from oak extract

- Quebracho Pink, a warm pink with a hint of yellow-orange obtained from quebracho extract.

- Acacia Pink, a delicate pink made from acacia extract

- Rhubarb Yellow, an intense, luminous yellow obtained from rhubarb

- Campêche Blue, a deep midnight blue tending towards violet, obtained from campêche wood


Good to know:

- The Campêche Blue is likely to bleed for a while (other colours don't) but it won't lose its colour (the colour doesn't fade on the yarn), already when knitting, on the fingers and on the needles if they are bamboo, but this disappears with a good soaping. The wash water may also be a little coloured on the first few washes, but for example, in the case of a jacquard, the blue will not migrate onto the other colours, even the lighter ones.

- The Rhubarb Yellow yarn still loses some of its root dust when you use it and gives your hands colour (it comes off when you soap up). It also bleeds a little in the wash. If used as a main colour with other light colours such as natural ecru, it will tend to yellow the fabric very slightly, but this is actually a "false colour", as the fibre needs to be prepared before being dyed with rhubarb.


The wool is not superwash treated. A cold wash with a gentle soap-free cleanser is recommended then dry flat. If you want to test the wool program on your machine, try it with a sample first to avoid disappointment.

NB: Despite all the care taken in the photos to reflect the color as closely as possible, it may vary depending on the screen.

Azun Sport

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