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Pattern - Aspin sweater

I told you about it the first time a few months ago, here it is! The pattern is finally available in French and English on Thank you once again to my testers, who knitted the sweater in all sizes to correct any possible errors in the pattern, but also to show you what it could look like in other colors and sizes! All versions are available in pictures on my Instagram account (#aspinsweater) and Ravelry, so be sure to check them out!

knitting pattern aspin sweater

But by the way, why the "Aspin" sweater? I couldn't quite decide on a name. It's not so easy after all, although it may seem obvious. So I called on my knitter friends and thanks to their ideas, I finally managed to find it! Aspin refers to a famous pass in the Pyrenees, where I grew up. I wanted to give a name that looks like me and that speaks to me, so here it is, the choice has been made!

I then worked on a second version, with the contrasting color only used for the jacquard. Once again I used a worsted weigh yarn, Gilliatt base from De Rerum Natura, a safe bet for a cozy and warm sweater!

knitting pattern aspin sweater

Aspin is a loose, very comfortable and fluffy sweater with dropped shoulders. Its turtleneck brings a lot of warmth. It has a nice finish on the shoulders and pretty jacquard details on the body and sleeves that give it a little Nordic and wild side. The Aspin sweater is worked from bottom to top, without seams. We start with the body in the circular, then the front and back are worked in back and forth rows after separating the sleeves from the body. The shoulders are then sewn with the 3-needle bind-off method for a nice finish, then the collar is made in the circular. Finally, the sleeves are also worked in the circular, after picking up the stitches around the armholes. Do you have any questions about this pattern? Contact me by email or see all the detailed information on Ravelry (needles used, yardage, gauge etc...). See you soon !


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