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What to do with my yarn leftovers?

s you will have noticed, it is rare to finish all your balls of yarn after a project. This is particularly true for jacquard, as the yoke patterns do not usually require a whole ball! But then, what to do with these leftovers of wool? There are several options, and that's good! There are plenty of small knitting projects that require little amount of yarn. There is of course the headband, an essential accessory to keep your ears warm!

knitting headband

But it is also possible to make jewelry such as earrings. I show you a photo example here. Finally, when there is a little more wool left, you can make a hat. It's quick to knit and so useful for winter. It's the kind of little knitting project that makes you happy! I also have the idea of ​​knitting a sweater when I have enough leftovers of yarn that can be combined together. But it's not for now :)

knitting hat with yarn leftovers
crocheting earrings with yarn leftovers


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