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The Sun collection, a new range of woven wool bracelets

Introducing the brand new collection of woven bracelets, the Sun collection. As with the Pyrenees collection, the bracelets are woven from natural Pyrenean wool, but this time with a touch of colour!

Source of inspiration for this "Soleil" collection

The bracelets in this collection were inspired by a Norwegian painter, Edvard Munch, and in particular by one of his paintings, which I was lucky enough to see at the Munch Museum in Oslo. It is his masterpiece The Sun (1911), which he placed at the centre of his monumental decor for the aula at the University of Oslo, thus expressing his fascination for light, the source of all life.

When I entered the exhibition room, I was overcome with emotion at the grandeur and beauty of this painting, which depicts a sunrise over a rocky archipelago in Norway off the coast of Kragerø.

The sun by Edvard Munch
Photo: Einar Aslaksen © Munchmuseet

The light in this painting, which is over four metres high and seven metres wide, is captivating and illuminates the neighbouring paintings, giving them a different dimension and symbolism.

I knew then that I was going to draw inspiration from this painting for my future creations. So each bracelet has a coloured heart at its centre, surrounded by one or more contrasting colours to highlight it.

The sun by Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch: The Sun, 1910–11. Oil on canvas. Photo © Munchmuseet.

The wool

laine écrue et marron foncée ou noire de brebis lourdaises et tarasconnaises

The wool, which comes from lourdaises and tarasconnaises ewes and is collected in the Val d'Azun and sorted by hand before being sent to the spinning mill in the Ariège to be washed. I then take the wool back to my workshop in Belgium, where I live, and spin it into yarn. The wool is natural and has not undergone any chemical treatment.

The weft yarns used for the colours come from my own production of Azun Sport yarns, hand-dyed with plants by the Myrobolan workshop in Creuse. The ecru and dark brown colours are the natural colours of the sheep, the grey being obtained by mixing these two colours together.

The warp yarn comes from the Fonty spinning mill in France. It's a 100% wool yarn, fine, soft and strong at the same time, which I really appreciate for my weaving.

Bracelet tissé en laine des Pyrénées de façon artisanale par knitty and woolly

The sizes

Each bracelet has a lobster clasp and a small forçat mesh extension chain that can be used to vary the size of the bracelet. Each length is indicated in the bracelet description.

I also adapt to your needs. If the proposed sizes don't suit you, we can discuss creating a made-to-measure bracelet together. Don't hesitate to contact me by email at or via the contact form, I'll be delighted to help you.

Packaging your bracelet

Bracelet tissé en laine des Pyrénées de façon artisanale par knitty and woolly

Each bracelet is first protected by a sheet of silk paper, which is recyclable and contains no chlorine or acid. The bracelet is then packaged in a European-made box, made from FSC-certified natural cardboard and water-based glue. These boxes contain no foam, which I don't find useful here. The boxes are therefore recyclable, but the main idea is that you can reuse them to store your bracelet or other items of jewellery. Finally, each box is slipped into an organic cotton pouch that you can also reuse to carry all sorts of little things. I really like these pouches, which can easily be slipped into a toiletry bag, for example. I also use them to store my knitting accessories!

Bracelets tissés en laine des Pyrénées de façon artisanale par knitty and woolly, collection soleil

With this collection, I wanted to convey the emotion that The sun gives me, as its light reveals the beauty of nature and its many colours.

I hope you'll enjoy these new designs and feel like adding a touch of light to your everyday life.

I hope to see you soon,


Founder of Knitty and Woolly


Choosing a woven bracelet created by Knitty and Woolly means :

-adopting a little piece of the Pyrenees, wherever you are

-giving yourself or a loved one a unique piece of jewellery, handmade with passion, that has meaning and tells a story

-Treat yourself or others while understanding the manufacturing process and the raw materials used in the product.

-support craftsmanship and my commitment to the wool industry


Advice on caring for your bracelet

What should I do if I get a stain?

Wool is an exceptional natural fibre with many properties (see the Properties of wool page on my website). One of them is its ability to be self-cleaning and extremely dirt-repellent. It doesn't retain stains like other materials.

If for any reason a stain gets on your bracelet, you can follow these recommendations:

Soak the bracelet in cold or even lukewarm water (but not hot, and possibly with a mild soap-free detergent or a detergent compatible with wool), and rub very gently with your finger to remove it. Rinse with clean water, without rubbing.

-Wax the bracelet by sandwiching it in a towel and pressing it gently, without wringing it.

-Dry your bracelet flat.

Other tips for looking after your bracelet

-It's best not to shower while wearing your bracelet. The combination of hot water and rubbing will cause the wool to felt. Soaps such as shower gel could also damage it.

-As with other items of jewellery, avoid pulling hard on it to avoid breaking the fasteners or deforming it.


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